Areas of Instruction



Quarterbacks: Stance, Exchange, Drops, Set-Up, Sprint Out, Play Action, Screens, Ball Handling, Option, Reading Defenses, and Field Leadership
Wide Receivers: Stance, Start, Release, Route Running, Cuts, Receiving, Blocking, and Reading Defenses
Running Backs: Stance, Start, Ball Handling, Ball Security, Pass Protection, Run Blocking, Route Running, Play Action, Screens, and Reading Defenses
Tight Ends: Stance, Start, Release, Run Blocking, Pass Protection, Route Running, Receiving, Ball Security, and Reading Defenses
Centers: Stance, Snap Accuracy, Reading Defenses, Run Blocking and Pass Blocking
Guard: Stance, Reading Defenses, Speed Blocking and Pulling, Run Blocking and Pass Blocking
Offensive Tackle: Stance, Reading Defenses, Protection  Blindside, Run Blocking, Pass Blocking, and Tackling


Cornerback: Stance, Reading Offenses, Anticipating the QB, Backpedaling, Executing Single and Zone Coverage, Disrupting Pass Routes, Shedding Blockers, and Tackling
Defensive End: Stance, Reading Offenses, Shedding Blockers, Tackling, Rushing the QB
Linebacker: Stance, Reading Offenses, Rushing, Tackling and Blitzing
Safety: Stance, Reading Offenses, Disrupting Pass Routes, Backpedaling, and Tackling
Defensive Tackle: Stance, Reading Offenses, Run Stopping, Pass Rushing, Gap Coverage