Each year Kevin Jones provides scholarships for camp. Kevin elected to leave school early to enter the NFL and was selected in the First Round of the 2004 Draft, but everyone is not as fortunate, and even then your path is unknown. Kevin believes in education.  He promised himself that he would complete his education, and in May 2014 he did so!

In an effort to remind campers of the importance of education, Kevin is personally sponsoring 10 campers to attend his Youth Football Training Camp. To apply you must submit a 250 word essay on why education is important, and how an education prepares you for life on and off the field. The first 10 students to submit an essay will be awarded a camp scholarship.  The essay is due no later than May 31, 2019 and may be submitted via email to essay@kevinjonesfootballcamp.com.  Awardees will be announced via www.kevinjonesfootballcamp.com on Monday, June 3, 2019.

Congratulations 2019 scholarship recipients!

Gunner Baker

Elijah Shank

Keegan Davis

Carson Garland

Jayden Elliott

Aidan Baker

Sean Lowe

JD Grubb

Hunter Crigger

Reece Honaker